The Hanyul Review Series II: Rich Effect Cream

Hanyul Rich Effect Cream 01

This baby knocked its cousin, the Rich Effect Revitalizing Cream (read review) off the podium as my favorite moisturizer. I am currently rationing what I’m left with, because it  will definitely not be around when I finish up my existing stash of moisturizers (I still have a number of moisturizers unopened).

While the Revitalizing Cream is focused on anti-aging, dullness and elasticity, the Rich Effect Cream is for a much older age bracket, with focus on wrinkles and repairing skin damage. It is not really for me, but then who really cares? I am sure skin care obsessives everywhere start on anti-aging routines when the tiniest of lines start to appear. And I’m not going to pretend I’m getting any younger than this.

Hanyul Rich Effect Cream 02

Hanyul Rich Effect Cream 03

The texture is a lot thicker than the Revitalizing Cream, highly emollient, but surprisingly absorbs just as well as the other lighter cream. It gives a fantastic morning-after glow. It is just an overall highly effective moisturizer, with all the plus points the other ones has.

The one advantage it gains over the Revitalizing Cream is its texture. Remember I said the Revitalizing Cream is not as hydrating as I would like it to be, and I have to combine it with a sleep mask? Well, I don’t need to do so with the Rich Effect Cream. Probably the problem is not that the Revitalizing Cream is not hydrating enough i.e. poor supply of water, but rather it is not that good at retain the moisture i.e. poor supply of oil. In any case, the Rich Effect Cream is a clear favorite.

I’d say if you have normal to dry skin, go for the Rich Effect Cream. If you have normal, oily to combination skin, the the Rich Effect Cream may be a little too cloying and uncomfortable.

Go get these two moisturizers! If you cannot find them on Gmarket or Koreadepart, even better, try out something from their new range, and let me know if it feels like new (or just old products repackaged)! I will not be purchasing skincare items anytime soon, so I will have to rely on reviews.


5 thoughts on “The Hanyul Review Series II: Rich Effect Cream

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