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Hanyul vs. Sooryehan: The Rival Balms

The Rival Balms 01

Sometimes I can’t help but feel as though BB creams and tinted moisturizers are not really make up. It is for young people to dabble and experiment with before graduating to primers and foundations. Well, I’ve recently purchased my first foundation (my interest in make up came far too late), but BB creams are still very satisfying and convenient to use. It is only my second one aside from the Lancôme UV Expert GN-Shield BB Base & Make Up Base (read review), so I do not know BB creams well enough to do quality reviews and make comparisons.

Hanyul Rich Effect BB Cream SPF50+/PA+++

First off, the color is a great match for my skin. However, there is only two choices of color, in the lighter 21 or darker 23. It is likely not going to be suitable for people with pink skin undertone. It has really good coverage, and sometimes using this on my under-eye area is sufficient.

The texture mousse-like, and not as runny and easy to spread like the Lancôme. I ended up spending a lot of time dabbing and blending the Hanyul BB cream until I got used to it. Lately, I’ve enjoyed blending it out using the Ecotools Bamboo Foundation Brush and the Real Techniques Stippling Brush, just to reduce the additional hassle of washing my hands after spending so much time blending. 

Once the BB cream settles into the skin, it doesn’t budge. Even when I dab my sweaty self with tissue paper, very little color came off. I was used to seeing streaks of color browning stains while using Lancome, and assumed it is the same for all BB creams, so this is a lovely surprise.

R: Hanyul L: Sooryehan

R: Hanyul L: Sooryehan

Sooryehan Hyo Fermented BB Cream SPF30/PA++

This has a much more neutral color, which I was originally quite happy about—until I wore it out. When applied to skin, the BB cream is almost grey-looking. Even though my skin is fair and I normally go for the lightest shade when trying on make up, there is something about this BB cream that just makes me took a little more dead and unnatural, like I’ve gone overboard with sunblock and failed to blend it out properly. I don’t find this as good as the Hanyul BB cream for coverage, but it is equally good in terms of texture and lasting power.

I find that in this BB cream the thing I dislike about BB creams in general is demonstrated—the lack of a good color match. Sooryehan Hyo BB Cream comes only in one color, and to say it would transform its color to fit everyone’s skin color is too much of a stretch. It likes the Hanyul BB cream seem almost lovely in comparison.

The title refers to AmorePacific (which owns Hanyul) and LG (which owns Sooryehan). The two big corporations constantly fighting for market share at different cosmetic segments (or maybe not, but that is the impression I get). I am more familiar with brands under AmorePacific thought it is time to branch out a little. Unfortunately, both my experiences with Sooryehan has not been all that great. Great, time to try out other LG brands then.


Ginseng Mania: Sooryehan Red Ginseng Juice Cream

Sooryehan Red Ginseng Juice Cream

After much experimentation with brands under Amore Pacific, I finally got to try something from its rival, LG. I guess Sooryehan is a competitor of Hanyul, both being brands that are inspired by oriental medicine. Since I loved the Hanyul Rich Effect Creams so much, I thought the similar-sounding Sooryehan Red Ginseng Juice Cream is a good place to start. I got the following information from the LG website:

An oriental medicine-based enriched essence whose nourishing pure gold and royal jelly ingredients, along with seosiogyongdan and gukhwaeum borrowed from reigning beauties’ make-up regimens, interact for the balanced delivery of the efficacy of oriental medicine to the skin. It stimulates and firms the skin to restore a vitalized and healthy look.

Right. I have no idea what is seosiogyongdan or gukhwaeum, nor do I know if there is scientific research supporting their effectiveness in skincare, let’s just leave that part out. The cream is more of a cream-gel, with texture similar to the Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Gel (read review). It is quick to absorb and settle very nicely on the skin.

Sooryehan Red Ginseng Juice Cream 02

I haven’t observed any revitalizing effects from this cream. It is very good at supplying the skin with moisture and keeping it there after a night of air-conditioning. But the “morning glow” after waking up in the morning is notably absent, unlike the any of the Hanyul Rich Effect creams. I’d categorize this as a very basic hydration moisturizer, like the HydraQuench Cream-Gel. It works fine, but you can have better.

Another thing that really bugs me is the cloying fragrance in this product. While the initial ginseng scent is pleasant, it soon fades away, leaving an overpowering powdery scent that lasts for hours. I hate it when fragrance in cosmetics do that.

Repurchase? No, the fragrance really killed it for me.

Damage Report I

Damage Report I

So, I purchased items from Gmarket in November, and couldn’t resist buying another batch. I wasn’t very smart about it, you see. I should have combined all of them in one shipping, so I’m more inclined to call it “damage to bank account” than “haul”. A glitch in one of the Korea domestic delivery resulted in the entire batch of purchases reaching me on Boxing Day rather than the anticipated Dec 19. A number of other items were meant to be given as Christmas gifts, but now are of little value. But still, I’m relieved that everything came.

  1. Hanyul Rich Effect BB Cream SPF50/PA+++ (40ml) to replace the Lancôme BB cream. I’ve already begun to use this since last month, and darn its so much better than the Lancôme. I only though the Lancôme was good since I haven’t used many BB creams before.
  2. Hanyul Rich Effect Overnight Mask (100ml) to replace my Laneige Water Sleeping Pack
  3. Hanyul Rich Effect Cream (70ml) sans “Revitalizing” compared to the one I’m already using. This cream is specifically for “damaged and degraded skin” and for wrinkles. I’m not getting my hopes up though.
  4. Hanyul Eungyeol Light Eye Cream (30ml) (read review) to replace my Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye
  5. Sooryehan Bichaek Jadan Whitening Sun Powder SPF50+ PA+++ (14g)
  6. Sooryehan Hyo Fermented BB Cream SPF30+ PA++ (50ml) 

Shopping on Gmarket was a little confusing. While there’s a decent global version in English and a great support team that replies within the hour, many product descriptions are entirely in Korean, and sometimes Google Translate doesn’t make sense. Overall though, it was a pleasant experience.