Beauty Profile

Beauty Profile

Here are some flowers for you because I’m too shy to put my face on the internet (#`ε´# )ゞ

Everyone’s skin is different. My HG may give you breakouts, while products I bin may be the ones that suit your needs. Here are just some things that you can take note if you are reading my reviews:

My Skin Type & Concerns (Updated March 2017)

  • Normal skin type
  • Hardy for the most part, able to tolerate most ingredients such as a small quantity of alcohol in skincare
  • Hyper-pigmentation on spots where old blemishes healed
  • Dehydration lines on forehead and around nasolabial folds
  • Dark circles and visible veins in under-eye area
  • Occasional bouts of irritation, dryness and sensitivity

My Beauty Habits

  • Splurge on serums and moisturizers, scrimp on everything else
  • Skincare staples: Cleanser, serum, moisturizer, sleeping pack; everything else is for experimentation that I rarely re-purchase

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