The Longing For A Scent

I am sitting in a train station, waiting for some friends who will be desperately late, and trying to pass the time typing away at my phone. That’s what people do when they want to appear busy yeah? So, let’s do something different today. So far, this blog has been all about things that I own, but there are things you don’t own that are worth writing about as well.

If you’re semi-interested in the world of perfume, you will know the Amouage brand as one that produces beautiful bottles and juice, at not-so-beautiful prices. Of all of the fragrances, their Lyric Woman has been haunting me for the longest time.

I first passed by the display at my airport while waiting for a flight. Being a skincare junkie, I’ve always spent the time browsing cosmetic shelves, dabbling products on and making mental lists. That day I spritzed Lyric on (because of the packaging, you know how I work), and it was simply the most dazzling thing that I’ve ever experienced.

It is an embodiment of everything I like in a perfume–warm, spicy, woody and creamy. I was literally stunned in front of the shelf. There was instantly a choir in my blood, singing “Get it, it’s yours!” But I retained by rationality when I saw the steep price tag. I departed for my holiday feeling bliss and a little regret. Later, hours into the flight, I woke with a stiff neck and parched lips, I sniffed at my wrist again, the base notes of sandalwood, vanilla and frankincense still linger. I then knew that my previous favorite, Guerlain Samsara will never satisfy me anymore.

From that point on, every single of my flights has been accompanied by Lyric. My latest brush with it left me a compliment from the lady sitting next to me.

Strangely, I have not felt the compulsion to purchase it again. Longing, yes, but not the urge. It is like greeting an old friend that you see several times a year, and the meeting brings comfort, joy and satisfaction. You miss her, but there is also comfort in knowing that you will meet again. So, there it is, my favorite scent is one that I don’t own.


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