Estée Lauder: A Prime Pairing

Happy new year to everyone out there!

I had a particularly rough 2016 on the personal front, so it is a definite relief that my annus horribilis is behind me. Now onward to a better 2017 with more positive energy and blog posts about my passion!


Sometime ago I went ahead with the Magic Ring Test at an SK II counter, which involves the simple steps of taking a close up of the skin with a camera with all your flaws magnified, and putting the resulting picture through a program which analyses the skin on the “5 dimensions of crystal clear skin”.

The results were surprising. My skin age is 10 years off my actual age! But my favorite part is the analysis of each dimension. My skin did not fare so well in Texture Refinement (i.e. hydration) and Spot Control (i.e. fading freckles, sunspots and preventing new ones), but was excellent in the dimensions of Firmness Power and Wrinkle Resilience.

A Prime Pairing (m)

And this I have to attribute entirely to the best pairing of serums I can ask for–the Estée Lauder Perfectionist CP+R Wrinkle Lifting/Firming Serum and Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex.

The ANR seems to have won every single beauty magazine award there is, so today I will focus on the lesser known CPR serum.

The CP + R stands for correct, prevent, and repair. It is purported to be Estée Lauder’s “most effective wrinkle-fighting serum ever”.

Perhaps what makes the two serums so distinct is the texture. ANR is very light and fluid. CPR’s texture however is much heavier, something that I would normally associate with a lotion. After a look at the ingredients list, the texture is not so surprising. Dimethicone is the first in the list, even before water. I have nothing against silicones, in fact, I like using products that contain it during the day as it fills out the small dehydration lines and wrinkles, and give the illusion of more refined skin.

That being said, I try not to use ANR and CPR in the morning. I know the skin needs antioxidants, vitamins and emollients regardless of day or night, but if I’m splurging $200 each on the jumbo sized serums, I’d want them to work without the additional stress of UV rays and pollution. For the daytime, I will focus on hydration and protection.

Two pumps is normally needed as the serum is quite hard to spread, especially when I have not used a toner before hand. With a bit of trial and error, I find the best way to apply this is after toner and ANR, when my face is still slightly damp. It becomes a breeze to spread the serum out after my skin is hydrated from the ANR. I guess because I use so much every night, it is goes down quite fast. A 100ml jumbo sized bottle can perhaps last me 6 months.

And whether I will repurchase the CPR serum… When wrinkles become a concern, definitely. But right now I have more urgent matters to take care of. Remember the dimension of “Spot Control” which my skin didn’t fare too well at? I guess its time to to work on that!


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