Powdery Bliss

Jurlique Rose Silk Finishing Powder 01

By now I think it is established that I am very olfactory-driven when it comes to cosmetics. A good scent will make the experience highly enjoyable, and a bad scent can put me off from using the product at all. Here is one powder with a great scent and also a great finish. The Jurlique Rose Silk Finishing Powder claims to contain:

“Corn Starch & Rice Starch act as natural substitutes for talc, while Silican imparts a smooth texture on skin. Glycerin helps to moisturize and prevent moisture loss.”

This is a lovely product. I wear it on top of my BB cream or sunblock. It keeps the shine out of my face until the oil or humidity sets in, but I’m ok with that. However, it is a little too matte and incompatible with the popular “dewy skin” sweeping waves across the world in popularity, because its more for a pale and matte look, like a porcelain doll. Even if your foundation or BB cream has a dewy shine, the powder will take it all away. Also, I do not have much interest in makeup so I have not researched the whole issue with talc or the use of starch as a replacement. I’m in a lousy position to comment on ingredients in make up.

Jurlique Rose Silk Finishing Powder 02

The best part about this product is the scent—simple, easy to relate and dissipates after a moment. I especially love products that has a nice scent but doesn’t linger. It makes me look forward to the next time I use it, just for the few seconds of olfactory bliss. Which is why I find myself reaching for the Jurlique more, even though I purchased other scentless powders first. The puff is a little too stiff though, and you’d do better sticking to brushes for application.

I like this product, but will not repurchase. I still have a lot of experimentation to do.


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