Guerlain Success Age Splendid Deep-Action Oil-Serum

Guerlain Success Age Splendid Deep-Action Oil-Serum 02Guerlain Success Age Splendid Deep-Action Oil-Serum 01

“Created using a sensual and supremely resilient flower, Intense Magnolia Concentrate imparts a youthful look to your skin and reawakens your skin’s original beauty. It helps to make up for the slow-down of the skin’s fundamental processes, which occurs at menopause, for deep-down restructuring and an anti-slackening action. Intensely nourished, the skin is fuller and regains bounce and resilience. Facial contours are re-shaped and re-sculpted. Highly concentrated, this product benefits from a silky texture.”

Before anything else, lets talk about expectations. I will not blame a company for using exaggerated claims in marketing. After all, that’s how everyone sells things, don’t they? Promise to do something extraordinary in marketing, the ads fulfills our (the consumers’) desire, and we flock to snap it up in a marketing induced fog. When it didn’t work as we expected it to, who can we blame but ourselves for not cutting through that fog?

Of course, it’s a different case with false claims, where a company may be subject to civil liability/criminal penalty. Most of the time though, advertisers still find ways to trick us in ways that are illegal but unenforceable. We can only learn to recognize their gimmicks and see past the flowery language to identify what we want out of the product when we purchase it.

So, with the Success Age Splendid Deep-Action Oil-Serum, I did not expect it to diminish my lines, give me a youthful glow or contour my facial structure. I did expect it to provide an additional layer of barrier and prevent loss of moisture when my skin was in a terribly dehydrated state.

Guerlain Success Age Splendid Deep-Action Oil-Serum 02

  • The texture is heavy, but easily absorbed even with another layer of watery serum underneath.
  • I do prefer its texture as an oil-serum than a facial oil, because I can actually wear this out in the daytime.
  • Even with BB cream layered on, it doesn’t run as much as I had anticipated, and the make up didn’t turn patchy.
  • The fragrance is not as intense as I had expected from a Guerlain product.

Of course it doesn’t live up to its claims of anti-aging and facial contouring. But come on, do we honestly expect any product to do that?

After trying out all the Guerlain skincare products, I can say I’m not going to purchase any more from the skincare segment. I still have a few more products from them and I will finish, but I can get better elsewhere at a fraction of the price.


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