The Orchid Royalty

Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Mask 01

I purchased the Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Mask for my lovely Mom when it was on sale, but she had problem finishing it. Naturally I had to help out. I should stop buying her skincare stuff, even though she’s happy to start using them, I always end up having the finish all the products since she loses interest halfway.

The product claims are pretty tempting: The skin looks smooth and radiant, as if filled with energy; it is plump and elastic. The complexion is even-toned and velvet-soft.”

The application guideline is very ritualistic and enjoyable:

  1. Apply the product in circular movements (the mask came with a brush, but I have misplaced it and now rely on a spatular)
  2. Smooth your fingertips from the forehead to the ears. Perform3 smoothing movements from the corners of the lips to the nose, ears and to the jawline.
  3. Press down 3 times on the muscle attachment points indicated.
  4. Gently smooth the backs of your fingers along the contours of the face. Smooth the entire forehead. 3 times.

Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Mask 02

The product claims to contain orchid butter and Imperial Orchid Molecular Extract, to deliver anti-aging benefits. I can only say, the mask feels like money. It’s highly emollient and rich, and I can imagine it being fantastic for people with dry skin. There’s a slight brightening effect immediately after application, but I’m pretty sure the effect is cosmetic. My skin responded well to the product over a month of usage, but it didn’t work out for my Mom, as she popped out whiteheads every time she uses it.

It does improve the texture of the skin, diminishing the appearance of my dehydration lines i.e. pre-wrinkles. For my Mom’s wrinkles, it didn’t do anything at all.

Of all the Guerlain products that I have tried, I like this the most. I’d probably repurchase if I have money to throw around, but I don’t, so bye-bye it is.


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