Ginseng Mania: Sooryehan Red Ginseng Juice Cream

Sooryehan Red Ginseng Juice Cream

After much experimentation with brands under Amore Pacific, I finally got to try something from its rival, LG. I guess Sooryehan is a competitor of Hanyul, both being brands that are inspired by oriental medicine. Since I loved the Hanyul Rich Effect Creams so much, I thought the similar-sounding Sooryehan Red Ginseng Juice Cream is a good place to start. I got the following information from the LG website:

An oriental medicine-based enriched essence whose nourishing pure gold and royal jelly ingredients, along with seosiogyongdan and gukhwaeum borrowed from reigning beauties’ make-up regimens, interact for the balanced delivery of the efficacy of oriental medicine to the skin. It stimulates and firms the skin to restore a vitalized and healthy look.

Right. I have no idea what is seosiogyongdan or gukhwaeum, nor do I know if there is scientific research supporting their effectiveness in skincare, let’s just leave that part out. The cream is more of a cream-gel, with texture similar to the Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Gel (read review). It is quick to absorb and settle very nicely on the skin.

Sooryehan Red Ginseng Juice Cream 02

I haven’t observed any revitalizing effects from this cream. It is very good at supplying the skin with moisture and keeping it there after a night of air-conditioning. But the “morning glow” after waking up in the morning is notably absent, unlike the any of the Hanyul Rich Effect creams. I’d categorize this as a very basic hydration moisturizer, like the HydraQuench Cream-Gel. It works fine, but you can have better.

Another thing that really bugs me is the cloying fragrance in this product. While the initial ginseng scent is pleasant, it soon fades away, leaving an overpowering powdery scent that lasts for hours. I hate it when fragrance in cosmetics do that.

Repurchase? No, the fragrance really killed it for me.


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