The Hanyul Review Series III: Rich Effect Whitening Powder Serum

Hanyul Rich Effect Whitening Powder Serum

When I first heard of the Hanyul Rich Effect Whitening Powder Serum I was puzzled. How can a serum be in powder form? Turns out it isn’t. The name came about due to the the serum having separated the serum part and powder part.

Hanyul Rich Effect Whitening Powder Serum 02

The product comes in a bottle with a screw-on cap, and a separate pump feature. The bottle contains the serum, while the screw-on cap contains the powder. To release the powder, you press down the nozzle and the compartment sealing off the powder will be punctured. Then, just shake to mix well, and you’re done! Just replace the inefficient cap with a pump and the serum is ready to be finished within the next 3 months.

This is not the first time that I have encountered such an interesting serum. The steps are exactly like the Biotherm Skin.ergenic Serum, even the effective period of 3 months is the same. So, a coincidence or a case of copycats? Either way, both sound innovative and really fun to use.

Hanyul Rich Effect Whitening Powder Serum 03.jpg

The serum is watery, light, easily absorbed and for once it seems like a Hanyul product is heavily fragranced. There is the herbs there, yes, but something about it just smells artificial. I don’t mind it though, it is quite pleasant. A few spots popped up along the way, especially in the first 2 weeks, but they always recovered fast enough, before I had to use any benzyl peroxide on them.

I really don’t have much to say about it’s effects. Whitening. Do you really expect anything to? The hyper-pigmentation spots from my last round of using Guerlain Melanine Diet Treatment (read review) is still there. No brightening observed too, but that may be due to my severe lack of sleep.


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