Hanyul Lineup Revamp

This morning I checked out the Hanyul website and wow, everything looks different, I can’t find any of my favorite products anymore! The brands has apparently gone on a lineup change. Gone is my ex-favorite Rich Effect Revitalizing Cream (read review), new favorite Rich Effect Cream (read review). In fact, the entire Rich Effect, Rich Effect Whitening and Hydrapeak lines are no more.

The products are now organized by a focal ingredient in each line:

1. Fermented red yeast rice

2. Black beans (서리태)

3. Shiitake mushrooms (백화고)

4. White chrysanthemums (흰감국)

5. Artemisia (어린쑥)

6. Ginseng (인삼)

Of these, only lines 4 and 6 look familiar. I’m pretty sure the White Chrysanthemum Powder Serum (link) is essentially the Rich Effect Whitening Powder Serum (link). The Optimizing Serum (read review) is still available, and that’s about all I can recognize.

While I mourn the loss of some of my favorite products, I’m also quite excited to try out the new ones. I am not sure if any of the ‘new products’ are actually the old ones in a new packaging. If anyone knows, or proficient in Korean, give me a shout out please, I’m dying to know here. I still notice some old products available on Gmarket, on the official Amore Pacific store (link) no less. Guess I’ll focus on reviewing the old Hanyul products before they really do become a part of history.


3 thoughts on “Hanyul Lineup Revamp

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