A Gorgeous Cut

Paperself Eyelashes 01

Paperself Eyelashes 01-1

I’ve seen Paperself Eyelashes on blogs from at least three years back, but was immediately put off by the $20 price tag. That much for pieces of paper that can only be used once? No thanks. I then mentally placed Paperself in the same category as La Mer and La Prairie, grossly priced and forever out of reach.

Some time back, though, I caught the eyelashes on sale at an online store. It was like 70 or 80% off, of course I had to snap a few up to try! They are all old collections, I think. Cannot imagine why they’d put new ones on sale. They are still mostly available on the official website though, so they can’t be too old.

I’ve yet to try them on, because formal dinner parties are still long-way off, and I don’t want to waste these. But you don’t need to wear them to appreciate them.

Paperself Eyelashes 04Paperself Eyelashes 02

Broken Hearts x Paperself Under the Sea (Small) are so far my favorite of the bunch. Featuring  corals, sea stars and sea horses, these are just the right size to be worn at the outer corners of the eyes. The regular sized Under the Sea lashes are a little too big for my eyes to be work comfortably, I imagine I can cut there up to make 3 pairs of smaller lashes.

Paperself Eyelashes 03

The Paperself Peonies (Small) are also pretty enough. Out of all the designs available, it looks like Chinese paper-cutting the most. I’ve noticed that Paperself has removed the “Chinese paper-cutting inspired” reference from its website, and instead replaced with something generic, like “the world’s leading wearable paper-art brand”. Aiming to go global then, that’s fine!

Has anyone tried these or seen cheaper dupes? Lemme know, I’m interested!


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