Cuteness overload: L’Herboflore Sheet Masks

L'Herboflore Sheet Masks 01

Sorry, before everything else, I have to share these lovelies. These are my favorite sheet masks ever! I was reluctant to blog about them because it was impossible to purchase internationally, only in brick and mortar stores in Taiwan. Well, there’s no point dangling a carrot when nobody can get their hands on it, right? Not any more! The Womany Store now carries the (incomplete) line and do ship to a number of countries internationally!

I have not tried purchasing from the Womany Store yet. I still have a stash purchased from Taipei. When the masks run out, I will definitely buy again, despite the mark up on the e-store. The masks are fantastic fantastic stuff.

“L’Herboflore’s mission is to offer consumers high quality skincare at affordable prices.  Every detail of our products, including packaging, mask material, ingredients and fragrance, are designed meticulously to beof the highest quality.” Be surprised, it is not just marketing talk, it really does deliver every single promise that it makes.

  • They are affordable. The least expensive option start from NT$50 per piece, around USD$1.66. Not comparable to some of the Korean options, but these are a lot better.
  • The masks fit excellent. There are no pockets of air when you wear them, they’re like moulds to your skin.
  • The masks are lightly scented, but the fragrance does not sting. They can be used even on sun damaged or post glycolic peel skin.
  • They are excellent at providing moisture.
  • Each mask contains 30ml of essence. Comapred to Innisfree It’s Real (20ml), Aritaum Fresh Essence (20ml) and Missha Pure Source (21ml), they dry out a lot slower, and there’s plenty of essence to use further on your neck, décolletage or anywhere else.
  • Most importantly (to me at least), the packaging is designed by well-known illustrators in Taiwan, and they are darn cute.

L'Herboflore Sheet Masks 02

I have the Aegean SeaGarden of Venus and Party Sweetheart Collections. My favorites of those are (from TR) Rose Water Refining HydromaskDeep Sea Balancing MaskGrape Anti-Aging Hydromask and Sweety Black Tea Balancing Mask. If you have time, go have a look at their official website, browse the pretty packaging, I dare you to say you’re not enticed.


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