Damage Report I

Damage Report I

So, I purchased items from Gmarket in November, and couldn’t resist buying another batch. I wasn’t very smart about it, you see. I should have combined all of them in one shipping, so I’m more inclined to call it “damage to bank account” than “haul”. A glitch in one of the Korea domestic delivery resulted in the entire batch of purchases reaching me on Boxing Day rather than the anticipated Dec 19. A number of other items were meant to be given as Christmas gifts, but now are of little value. But still, I’m relieved that everything came.

  1. Hanyul Rich Effect BB Cream SPF50/PA+++ (40ml) to replace the Lancôme BB cream. I’ve already begun to use this since last month, and darn its so much better than the Lancôme. I only though the Lancôme was good since I haven’t used many BB creams before.
  2. Hanyul Rich Effect Overnight Mask (100ml) to replace my Laneige Water Sleeping Pack
  3. Hanyul Rich Effect Cream (70ml) sans “Revitalizing” compared to the one I’m already using. This cream is specifically for “damaged and degraded skin” and for wrinkles. I’m not getting my hopes up though.
  4. Hanyul Eungyeol Light Eye Cream (30ml) (read review) to replace my Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye
  5. Sooryehan Bichaek Jadan Whitening Sun Powder SPF50+ PA+++ (14g)
  6. Sooryehan Hyo Fermented BB Cream SPF30+ PA++ (50ml) 

Shopping on Gmarket was a little confusing. While there’s a decent global version in English and a great support team that replies within the hour, many product descriptions are entirely in Korean, and sometimes Google Translate doesn’t make sense. Overall though, it was a pleasant experience.


4 thoughts on “Damage Report I

  1. Blubs

    Hi! I am loving your blogs so much because you review many korean products! I was wondering if you could do a favorites skin products for your skin care routine( the BEST out of your whole experience, could be korean or not)? It would be really awesome! Also what is your skin type? Mine is pretty dry, I have a minor skin condition on my cheeks and upper arms called keratosis polaris (dry rough patches) but it’s not really major its just makes my skin look too dry!

    1. flamingbaby Post author

      Hi there, thanks for dropping by! 🙂 The routine/favorites is a great idea; I should get working on it when things get less busy! My skin type is normal (more about my skin type http://flamingbaby.wordpress.com/beauty-profile/ ). I’ve just started on Korean products last year, so there’s a lot of discovery for me too! I’m sorry about your skin condition, have you found products that work for you yet?

      1. Blubs

        Sorry for the late reply! I was so busy with midterms! Apparently I have just started talking a notice of having a skin care routine lol. I know it’s sad haha. I decided to use korean products b/c their skin looks so FLAWLESS. Even the boys!! I’ll be looking forward to your favorites! You are blessed to have the perfect skin haha

      2. flamingbaby Post author

        My skin is honestly far from perfect! But thanks, I hope when the favorites come it will be useful for you 🙂

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