Guerlain Abeille Royal Day Cream & Serum

Guerlain Abeille Royal Day Cream & Serum 01

Before I became interested in skincare, I spent my money on perfumes. I couldn’t differentiate chypre and musk, or understand the difference between EDT and EDP, but when I got my hands on the beautiful bottle of Champs-Elysées by Guerlain, it was love at first whiff. Now I have cut down the perfume habit, because the I can’t seem to finish a full bottle. But I’m still a proud sucker for Guerlain.

These two items were by first foray into Guerlain skincare, purchased on a terrible day when I couldn’t resist temptation. And really, you cannot blame me, just look at the description:

“Bee products are some of the world’s most effective natural healing substances …a skincare programme with Pure Royal Concentrate that stimulates the key mechanisms in the healing process within the skin* to continuously help to repair wrinkles and loss of tissue firmness (*In vitro test).”

“Repair” and “firmness” are the magic words. Never mind that there is little research evidence supporting this product, and those bee extracts will probably never penetrate the dermis. Because really, who cares when its Guerlain and beautiful luxurious packaging?

Guerlain Abeille Royal Day Cream (30ml)

Guerlain Abeille Royal Day Cream & Serum 02

While this is supposed to be a day cream, I can never use this during the day in the heat and humidity. It is too heavy and cloying even when used sparingly, sometimes developing into a film on the skin when when I give it time to be absorbed.

Use at night though it is fantastic. With the lack of heat, it really does melts on the skin and leaves it feeling comfortable. However, I do not observe any improvements to the fine lines, nor do I expect it to. On the first three days of using the cream I observed minor pimples popping up, but subsequently it is fine.

Repurchase? No. There is already a gaping, bleeding hole in my purse.

Guerlain Abeille Royal Youth Serum (50ml)

Guerlain Abeille Royal Day Cream & Serum 03

The serum is evidently the less loved of the two products. While I’m almost through with the cream, I’ve still got 75% of the serum to go. The problem is mostly with the fragrance and its lack of hydrating properties. While the scent is similar to that of the cream, the serum somehow smells more synthetic and overpowering, lingering for hours after application. It is also not as hydrating as other serums, and cannot be counted on to provide moisture in the mornings when my routine is simply cleansing > serum > BB cream. I don’t know how I’m going to finish the rest of the bottle.

Repurchase? No. I may give the bottle away.


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